Christopher Staples

Operations Manager

Christopher Staples is an Investment Advisor Representative with Navigation Wealth Management. He entered the financial services industry with a strong desire to help individual investors grow, manage & protect their wealth after seeing the devastation caused to families in his community during the 2009 financial crisis. From this passion, he works closely with investors to clearly identify both their short term & long term goals, as well as their tolerance for market volatility, and he implements strategies that help them achieve their financial dreams.

A native of New England, Christopher has an Economics degree from the University of Southern Maine. Growing up on a farm in rural Maine, he was taught at a young age the value of hard work, integrity, and saving for the future. It is these values, coupled with his fiduciary duties, that he utilizes in each meeting to ensure that his clients are making smart investment choices.

Christopher & his wife Jamie live on a small farm, where they spend their free time working with the horses and other animals.

Phone (970) 672-1236